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Doctor Wisdom takes the utmost care in patients that require tooth implants. All of our dentists are highly rated experts in dental care, including implantology procedures in nearby Montreal. 

Dental Implant Cost in Montreal

As part of our grand opening special, we’re offering over $1,000 off dental implants, along with a free consultation with one of our seasoned dentists. 

Offer ends February 29th, 2020 and applies on root implants made by BioHorizons. Cannot be combined with any other offer, discount or coupon. All related lab work included. Implants in front aesthetic region: $3500. Excludes all other dental work.


The dental implant is an artificial titanium root placed in the bone to replace a missing tooth. This root will support a crown. Success is based on an advanced case study and a rigorous surgical method.

Tooth Implant Procedure

Two techniques are offered, depending on the case: the first is to open a flap & the gum and place the implant into the bone, the other is flapless. A healing abutment is then placed allowing the gum to heal around the root. Then, the implant goes through a process called osseointegration during which it attaches the bone. A temporary tooth (temporary prosthesis) may be used during this period.
It often is a simple and non-traumatic intervention that is done under local anesthesia. Our dental center also offers conscious nitrous oxide sedation for a more enjoyable experience.

Our root implants are made by Bio-Horizons. Dentists at Dr Wisdom dental center have profound experience in implantology and dental surgery. Aside from the hundreds of cases done by Dr Wisdom, we offer non-incision implantology where we don’t open the gums. 

After a proper planification of your implant procedure, using a CBCT and a surgical guide, your implant is placed under local anesthesia. This gives a faster healing and with almost no pain at all. Did you know that you could go to work right after an implant surgery done with no incision?

  • Flapless surgery
  • Controlled bleeding and pain
  • Fast healing
  • CBCT 3D xrays
  • Surgical guide
Prosthesis on Dental Implant ​

After osseointegration, an impression is taken to allow the dental laboratory to make a custom crown or bridge. These artificial teeth will be screwed or cemented (glued) directly onto the implant or the pivot. Impressions are taken with a 3D scanner called iTero, an innovative technology in the dental world.

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