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Teeth Cleaning in Montreal

Teeth cleaning is a vital component of healthy dental hygiene. And, at Doctor Wisdom, we vouch for preventive dentistry. Hence, a professional dental cleaning is prescribed every 6, 9 or 12 months. It maintains your oral cavity in good health and your gums in great shape.

A routine cleaning and check up will allow our dentists to stay on top of your dental health. We will detect caries and dental problems in early stages, saving you from pain and expensive treatments that could be needed at advanced stages. 

What is a Teeth Cleaning?

A professional cleaning at Dr Wisdom can be manual or with advanced technology like the cavi-jet machine. We clean the teeth by reaching deeper then any brushing or flossing at home can do.

By doing this, we remove build-up bacteria under the gums and prevent pockets and periodontitis problems. By booking your dental cleaning with Dr Wisdom, you’re putting your mouth in good hangs and profound knowledge. We have state-of-the-art equipment and advanced radiology equipment that’s precise, low on radiation, and comfortable. 

Why Do I Need a Professional Teeth Cleaning?

While it may help your teeth look brighter, there are many reasons other than aesthetics for receiving professional teeth cleaning. As the name implies, professional cleaning of the teeth provides much more thorough results than cleaning your teeth at home. During a professional teeth cleaning session, the goal is to remove plaque and tartar that can cause dental disease.

This is particularly important near the gumline because such deposits can harbor the bacteria responsible for gum disease. Professional cleaning allows for more efficient, thorough, and comfortable maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.

What to Expect During Your Teeth Cleaning

Many patients look forward to professional teeth cleaning in Montreal. This is a low-stress procedure that helps your maintenance efforts. Our friendly dental hygienist will be happy to assist you with cleaning your teeth and answer any dental health questions you may have.

Your teeth cleaning is about promoting your dental health. If you experience any sensitivity, please tell our hygienist. We have various methods to make you more comfortable, but none of them will do you any good if we don’t know how to use them. Moreover, such sensitivities may mean you have exposed roots, inflammation, or other dental issues requiring treatment.

You might also have more extensive cleaning needs. If this is the case, there’s a related cleaning procedure called scaling and root planning that we can perform. If it’s been more than three months since your last Montreal teeth cleaning, deposits have hardened and are typically a bit harder to remove. This can also increase your dental sensitivity.

Montreal Teeth Cleaning Services

Dr wisdom and associates will stay on top of your dental health by diagnosing caries and diseases in the early stages and giving you the best advice to prevent further problems. It also allows us to screen cancers, diagnose gingivitis and periodontitis in early stages, manage mouth changes related to stress, bad eating or drinking habits, medications, malocclusions, etc.

Book your appointment with Dr Wisdom if you expect nothing but the best.