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Conscious Sedation in Montreal

Even today, visiting the dentist and being anxious naturally complement each other. If you or your children fall into this category, conscious nitrous oxide sedation is an excellent remedy for this problem, avoiding general anesthesia.

The effects of conscious sedation are as follows
  • Patient relaxation
  • Decreased discomfort, feeling of euphoria
  • Smile even burst out laughing in some patients
  • Appeasement
  • Reduce pain or anxiety felt by the patient

Montreal Conscious Sedation

What is it?​

It is a mixture of oxygen with nitrous oxide (laughing gas). These gases are breathed by the patient, allowing the effects listed there. A few minutes after the dentist installs the mask, you will begin to feel the effect of sedation and return to a normal state as soon as the procedure is over.

Sedation at Doctor Wisdom

Our dentists, attentive to your needs, can administer conscious sedation to make your treatment less stressful. Conscious sedation is not local anesthesia administered by all dentists. It’s a procedure that only certified dentists can offer, At Dr Wisdom dental center, all the dentists are certified for it. We have been using this technique for many years now. With this approach,  you will feel no pain during your dental treatment and your fear of dentist’s won’t stand in your way of getting the best quality and care you deserve.

How Safe Is It?

Nitrous oxide sedation is an effective and a safe way of sedation. You will feel relaxed, comfortable and free of stress. Patients describe the feeling as one of those floating sensations or in a pleasant dream, without being asleep.

It’s also important to note that it is the safest and the most predictable sedation technique. The effects are terminated as soon as the procedure is over, giving the opportunity to the patient to resume daily activity.

What to Do Before and After Sedaton
  • do not eat two hours before procedure
  • avoid driving after procedure for a few hours
  • do not exercise after procedure
  • advise your dentist of any health problem 
  • if you have cold or flu, or nasal congestion, advise your dentist or reschedule your dental treatment appointment.
Why Dr Wisdom?
  • Our warm and welcoming team cares about giving you the most pleasant and comfortable experience out there
  • Our multiple dentists’ combined skills and experiences will be used to work on your dental needs for the best quality and longest lasting treatments
  • We know a dental treatment can be stressful and the idea of going to the dentist is not a pleasant one. Give us the opportunity to change that point of view.