Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom teeth extractions is a minor surgery procedure involving the removal of the third molars. 

Montreal Wisdom Teeth Removal

Complications related to wisdom teeth include decay, gum infection and damage to the adjacent teeth. 

It is recommended to have your wisdom teeth removed at a younger age, since the healing process will be faster and your wisdom teeth may not be fully formed – therefore making the surgery less complex. After taking an x-ray, your dentist will be able to assess the need to remove your wisdom teeth, as well as evaluate the complexity of the procedure. 

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Don’t be shy to ask your dentist about all the implications and details about your surgery! We also offer CBCT 3D radiology service for complicated wisdom teeth surgeries, for a precise and detailed procedure minimizing the risk of all potential complications. And for the anxious ones, we have sedation services that put you at ease making the experience easier!