General Dentistry

General Practice Dental Services in Montreal

Aoude Dental Center VSL offers all dental services to adults and children. We believe in prevention so we offer cleaning, polishing, fillings, and all spheres of dental medicine therapy.

Five Star General Practice Dentist

Doctor Wisdom has been given a solid five star rating from our patients. A general dentist has the knowledge, skills and training to identify and meet all your oral needs. Your dentist can help you establish a daily cleaning routine and preventative visits to maintain good oral health throughout your life. Taking good care of your teeth and your gums is a lifetime commitment. It involves establishing a good dental hygiene routine at home and visiting the dentist regularly. In short, it’s team work.

General Dentist Services

At Doctor Wisdom, we offer dental hygiene, cleanings, polishing, rooting, dental restorations (fillings), preventive sealants for children, diagnosis, x-rays and complete examination of the oral cavity.